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12/27 • Wrapping up the year and getting the latest and greatest up at the blog. Happy new year everyone!

7/5 • Lots of new stuff up on the blog, but I really like this one, a drawing of The Hero's journey.

3/12A neat new thing I drew up on the blog. It's the Six Realms of Buddhism.

2/1 • The one thing that kept rattling through my head at the end of last year, and a nice way to try to be, despite difficulties doing so. Up now at the blog, as a typographic sketch.

1/4Best of 2014 - an insight into the life of Mat Planet, up on the blog.

12/2 • New pages from my book on the blog. Some kinda neat.

9/3Nerding out on the blog, with some new sketches.

7/18 • Threw up some new type sketches on the blog; subject: love.

4/8 • Neat little thing I drew myself for my own birthday on the blog. It's a mod of my logo.

2/2 • New thoughts on bacon and death on the blog.

11/16 • A new page from the book; the ongoing saga that is my life.

6/29 • A lot of recent posts of custom type at the blog, and some really fun stuff.

6/19 • New sketches over at the blog, with some fun custom type.

3/1 • We all have known grief, and we all handle it in different ways.

2/11 • Quick post over at the blog, after a particularly interesting new item on the menu.

1/19 • A tale of old friends and new looks over at the blog, with a new post directed at an old partner in crime.

11/24 • My blog brings up the subject of finding out what you really are, and has a special holiday message from the roads and avenues of Las Vegas.

5/25 • A new post on my blog talks about the legacy handed to Gen X from the Baby Boomers, and Black Sabbath.

9/29Right now my blog has my latest custom type project on it, and it's not just a simple sketch like it usually is. This one I wanted to go ahead and finish. No particluar reason, although now that I'm finished I think I should maybe make
a t-shirt out of it. Or maybe build a font out of it. It has been a while since I made a new font and I miss it.



I’ve been a graphic designer for over 20 years and I’ve been fortunate enough to work on many exciting projects that allowed me to use my diverse skills such as design, illustration, typography, photography, printing and planning.
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