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MyName is Mat Planet
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I am a huge type nerd and I love design. I’ve been practicing, teaching and enjoying the many aspects of graphic design for over 20 years. I’m currently living in Las Vegas and surviving as a freelance design gun for hire. My specialties include typography, custom fonts, listening to my clients and sometimes writing. Lately I’ve been fortunate to do some game design, which I've had a long time interest in and it's a whole lot of fun.

I was educated at American University in Washington DC and got my MFA in Graphic Design from the prestigious program at IU Bloomington. My focus was on interactive systems and new areas of type and semantics. Later I ended up running the Graphic Design department as Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky for two years.

I adore new technology and the new avenues of exploring design and communication it has afforded to us in the field, and I also love to use the old skills of creating things by hand. This odd dichotomy manifests itself in creating works that pull from the deep well of advanced printing techniques and exotic materials available to designers today.

I have a keen understanding of the many printing processes and have worked in several of the printing fields. This gives me a unique knowledge of how to get pieces not only designed, but produced all the way through the process.

I always strive to give my clients not only what they want, but what is going to target their audience and get the results they desire. I approach any given project without bias or set style, only to create that which will evoke and impart information that is appropriate for each piece.

I’m lucky that I have never done a project I didn’t enjoy, and I am eager to do any type of design work. Whether it be a company or individual’s logo, package design, invitation, poster, website, slot machine, magazine, exhibit space, advertisment, brochure or sign, odds are I’ve done several and look forward to doing more. Contact me to see how I can help you with all your design needs.